Rare French Mechanical Pull Toy Depicting Lord of the Manor Walking His Dogs

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14" (36 cm.) overall. 12"l. 11" man. Standing upon a wooden platform with metal spoked wheels and a hidden mechanical movement is a bisque head man with richly-sculpted brown hair and full beard, painted brown outlined eyes, accented nostrils, painted lashes and brows, closed mouth with center accent line, wooden block torso, wire upper arms and legs, wooden lower limbs, painted boots, original silk and velvet gentleman's walking costume. Posed at the feet of the man are two paper mache dogs. The man and the dogs are attached to the mechanism in the base by hidden metal rods, and when the toy is pulled along the man nods his head vigorously as though calling to the dogs, and tugs at their leashes, while the dogs jump up and down in an eager manner. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: French, circa 1870, the maker remains a mystery. Value Points: very rare early pull-toy with most appealing vignette of country gentleman walking his dogs, the gentleman with superb bisque head, distinctive sculpting, and rich enhancing glaze on hair and beard.
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