Rare French Musical Automaton "Seated Lady with Mandolin" by Leopold Lambert

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24" (60 cm.) A bisque-head lady with blue glass paperweight eyes,painted lashes and brows,closed mouth,pierced ears,blonde mohair wig,carton torso and legs,hinged hips,wire upper arms,bisque forearms,is seated upon a white pedestal wooden stool,a wooden mandolin in her arms. When wound,she turns her head from side-to-side and nodding in a complicated manner,while strumming the mandolin,and periodically tapping her foot to the music that is playing. Condition: generally excellent,music and mechanism function well. Marks: 8 (incised on doll) L.B. (key). Comments: Leopold Lambert,a variation of #49 featuring a clown with guitar that was shown in an early catalog of the company; although both pieces showed the identical distinctive stool,and were described as having a "rich costume of silks and laces",with same pose and leg movement,the clown differed by having a papier-mache head which allowed tongue and eye movement,and appeal to a different market,circa 1885. Value Points: very rare and large automaton with extraordinary original costume of rose satin with applique,bead and velvet trim,pom-poms,delightful confection of a bonnet,and beautifully-crafted mandolin,in wonderful state of preservation.
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