Rare German Bisque Art Character, 7743, by Gebruder Heubach with Modeled Tongue Tip

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16" (41 cm.) Solid domed bisque socket head depicting a cheerful-faced boy, light brown painted boyish hair with forelock detail, intaglio light blue eyes with large black pupils, white beaded eye dots, angled feathered brows, accented nostrils of upturned nose, closed mouth modeled as though open with sculpted tongue tip, large stuck-out ears, composition and wooden ball-jointed toddler body with side-hip jointing, antique costume of knit sweater and cap, linen pants, shoes and socks. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: 7743 Heubach (sunburst) Germany. Comments: Gebruder Heubach, circa 1910. Value Points: rare model with most expressive features, sculpted to appear as though hand-pressed including crinkles at eye corners, impressed dimples, double chin, and chubby roll at back nape.
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