Rare German Bisque Character Designed by Grace Corry Rockwell

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18" (46 cm.) Bisque head with flanged neck, large blue glass sleep eyes, mohair lashes, painted lashes, incised eyeliner, lightly feathered brows, tinted nostrils, rounded nose, closed mouth with hint of smile, blushed lips, brunette mohair bobbed wig, muslin torso, composition arms and legs, antique costume. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: Copr. By Grace C. Rockwell Germany. Comments: Germany, circa 1925, the model marked as "Betty Jean" (and later "Pretty Peggy") from original design by the American artist, Grace Corry Rockwell, commissioned by George Borgfeld as part of his series of American-artist-designed dolls which also included dolls by Drayton, Putnam, Averill, Orsini and Kallus. Value Points: very rare doll with captivating expression, finest bisque and sculpting, original wig, body; few examples are known to exist.
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