Rare German Bisque Doll with Brown Sculpted Hair and Black Hair Bow by Simon & Halbig

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18" (46 cm.) Bisque shoulderhead, brown sculpted hair with unusual widow's peak at center forehead, and casual curls captured by a black hair bow at her crown, blue glass inset eyes, black eyeliner, painted lashes, feathered brows, accented eye corners and nostrils, closed mouth with accent line between the pale lips, fully-sculpted pierced ears, muslin stitch-jointed body, bisque lower arms, antique costume. Condition: professional restoration to shoulderplate. Marks: S 5 H. Comments: Simon and Halbig, circa 1875. Value Points: rarity of the model is accentuated by superb detailing of rare brown hair, black hair bow, bisque arms.
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