Rare German Bisque Sculpted Hair Girl by Gebruder Heubach

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17" (43 cm.) Pink-tinted bisque shoulder head of slender-faced girl with light brown sculpted hair arranged with a tumble of short finger curls at the crown with hole for insertion of real ribbon,sculpted short finger curls around the sides and back of head,dark blue intaglio side-glancing eyes with black and red upper eyeliner,white eyedots,rounded nose with accented nostrils,closed mouth with full lips,kid-like body with pin-jointing,bisque lower arms,antique costume. Condition: bisque excellent,body somewhat worn. Marks: Heubach (square) Germany. Comments: Gebruder Heubach,circa 1910. Value Points: rare model with superb artistic sculpting,the characterization enhanced by rich modeling around the eyes and mouth,fine quality of bisque.
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