Rare German Felt Character Doll "Struwwelpeter" by Steiff

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12" (30 cm.) Felt character doll with unique features,having center seam face,blue glass eyes,flattened nose and smug little impressed mouth,with wild blonde hair,jointed arms and legs with over-sized arms,very-extended length fingernails,jointed hips,sewn on costume of orange and green felt with brown trim,black leather shoes. Some fading and dustiness,hair very sparse. Germany,Steiff,circa 1909,depicting Struwwelpeter (shaggy-haired Peter) from the original 1845 children's stories by Heinrich Hoffman who wrote of Peter who never washed or groomed (and hence the wild hair and long fingernails); so significant was this figure in popular culture that today an entire museum in Germany is dedicated to him.
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