Rare German Munich Art Character Doll by Marian Kaulitz

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14" (36 cm.) Composition socket head with hand-pressed and painted complexion and facial features, large brown eyes, dark eyeliner, feathered brows, accented eye corners and nostrils of small rounded nose, closed mouth with very full downcast pouting lips, blushed cheeks, side-parted auburn mohair wig, composition and wooden ball-jointed body, nice antique costume and undergarments that are possibly original. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Munich Art Doll from the studios of artist Marian Kaulitz, circa 1908, whose dolls are considered the forerunners of the sought-after art doll movement of the next five years. Value Points: most pleasing example of the rare doll with captivating expression, original body and body finish, pristine finish.
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