Rare German Porcelain Doll with Wonderful Long Ringlet Curls

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21" (53 cm.) Pink-tinted porcelain shoulderhead with oval face and elongated slender throat, black sculpted hair drawn smoothly around the sides of face and arranged in very full ringlet curls that extend completely around the back of head tumbling onto her shoulders, painted blue eyes in well-defined eye sockets, red and black upper eyeliner, single-stroke brows, strong tapered nose with pointy tip, blushed cheeks, muslin stitch-jointed body, porcelain lower limbs, cupped hands, painted stocking tassels and black ankle boots, antique costume. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, circa 18590, Value Points: rare model with outstanding coiffure, beautifully shaded complexion, original porcelain limbs, and with two blue award ribbons from UFDC national conventions (1959, 1990).
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