Rare German Porcelain Half-Doll "Girl in Blue Blouse" Inspired by 17th Century Portraits of Vermeer

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7" (18 cm.) Hip-up porcelain doll depicting an older girl with delicately-shaded light brown hair captured in tiny ringlet curls with blue bows in front of each ear and a small topknot, her head modestly inclined to the side and with smiling expression, well-detailed sculpting of bodice, and with sculpted low-bodice blue blouse, arms modeled away from her body with expressively posed hands, curled fingers. Marks: 10418.3. Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1910, attributed to Ernst Bohne Sohne, rare large size with superb quality of porcelain, sculpting and painting, the posing and expression were surely inspired by the women portraits of the 17th century Dutch painter Vermeer.
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