Rare German Porcelain "Pierrot and Pierrette" Puff Dish with Rare Bi-Color Stockings by Dressel & Kister

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10" (25 cm.) The two-piece set features Pierrot with center curl at forehead, classic costume with diamond-point edging and red buttons, posed kneeling under the supposed weight of the porcelain powder dish which rests on his back. The powder dish is supported by a pair of shapely bent legs garbed in yellow and pink stockings and appears to be one-piece with Pierrette with powder puff skirt which rests atop, but Pierrette and her powder puff skirt are actually detachable for use. Marks: (crown and L blue stamp). Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1920, Dressel & Kister Co. the rare model is enhanced by detailed all-around modeling, e.g. the hidden vase of flowers behind the bent knee of Pierrot.
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