A Remarkable Neopolitan Presepio Figure as Wise Man with Rare Accessories

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15" (38 cm.) Having a terra cotta head with high domed head,and bald pate,the distinguished figure has deeply sculpted facial features with brown enamel eyes,strong nose and cheek bones,sculpted ears,and a long grey flowing beard that matches his sculpted grey brows. His hemp-wrapped body has terra cotta hands with very expressive fingers and terra cotta feet with fancily-painted leggings. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Neopolitan,late 18th/early 19th century. Comments: the figure was featured in article "Varieties of Creche Figures" by Lynda Christian (Antique Doll Collector,December 2009) with this note: "the hallmark of Italian figures is their extraordinary animation...many figures - like this wise man - have a look of astonishment...". Value Points: remarkable quality and detail of sculpted features with artistically blushed details enhanced by luminous patina,weaing his original turban with metal gilt crown,and elaborate silk ensemble with metallic thread and embroidery,rare belt,and very rare original dagger and dragon-head scimitar; the figure was awarded a blue ribbon at 2008 UFDC national convention.
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