Rosemary from Babes in Toyland,Series I,#1 of the Edition

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17". Pressed felt face with painted features,blue eyes,painted lashes at upper right eye rims only,wistful expression,brunette mohair wig with tousled bangs and short braids,jointed at shoulders and hips. She wears a long grey felt night gown with white edging and cuffs,white cotton shift,pink felt slippers and hair bows,and carries a small felt doll with calico gown and bonnet. The doll is marked on her left foot,and has two original paper labels on her gown,one labeled "R. John Wright Babes in Toyland Rosemary/No.1/50",and is contained in her original labeled box with folded card reading "Babes in Toyland,Rosemary". The model was produced in 1983 only in an edition of 50,and is a numbered partner with Timothy,the following doll.
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