For 50 years, Theriault's has helped collectors, private owners, and museums find their dolls new homes via auction. Exclusively dedicated to antique dolls, toys, teddy bears, childhood ephemera, and automata, Theriault's has built an unsurpassed knowledge of these subjects. Offering competitive and all-inclusive commissions as well as comprehensive, professional, and award-winning services, Theriault’s understand the needs of both sellers and buyers, providing you with the best possible audience and value for your items.

To learn more about your collection, or even just one doll in your attic, you may call 410-224-3655 or fill out the handy form below which will even allow you to upload a few photographs for quick identification. You can also email photos to

Theriault’s team of appraisers are well versed in providing realistic, honest estimates for your items. Consigning your doll through Theriault’s ensures your items are presented to the right audience at a competitive and all-inclusive commission rate. 
To learn more about your item or collection and its value, you may contact us in the following ways:
Online: Fill out our selling your doll form with your basic information, details, and, if possible, images of your items.
Phone: Speak to one of our customer service representatives to learn more about your doll or possibly to set up an appointment.
Simply call 1-410-224-3655.
Email: Send a written description and, if possible, an image of your item to
In Person: Seeing your object first-hand gives our appraisers the best possible opportunity to examine it in detail. If you would like to make an appointment, you can call or email us to see the next time we will be in your area or whether your collection or item might warrant a special dedicated and immediate trip.
For larger collections or smaller groups of high value pieces, Theriault’s will travel to you (anywhere in the world!) and arrange packing, transport, and inventory services at no additional cost.
However extensive the collection, Theriault’s provides unprecedented expertise, extensive networks, quality services, and a long track record of success. To arrange a confidential meeting to discuss your collection, you may call 1-410-224-3655 or email us at
Consignors with Theriault’s receive the most comprehensive list of services in preparing and marketing their dolls that you will find anywhere in the world. Packing and transport, curatorial, expert vetting, award-winning photography, spectacular full-color catalogs, tantalizing brochures marketed to our 100,000 name client base, additional Internet-based advertising and social media, and beautifully presented auctions. These efforts are brought to the top doll markets in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America where buyers will enjoy a full array of bidding options including absentee, phone, and live - interactive Internet ensuring you top results.
Our appraisers understand that every collection is different and will develop a custom sales strategy including placing items in the most appropriate auctions so as to achieve the highest possible value for your collection.
Consignors also receive a competitive and all-inclusive commision which includes packing, transport, insurance, and inventory services at no additional cost.
To learn more about our auctions and our consignment process, you may either call 1-410-224-3655 or email us at
Theriault's has a leading knowledge and expertise in the field of antique dolls, toys, teddy bears, automata, and childhood ephemera. We offer services to fiduciaries, executors, and beneficiaries for the valuation and disposition of private collections within these categories. Our 40+ years of experience working with estates, and the unique situations of each responsible party, makes Theriault’s a superb choice in ensuring the best results and a seamless and personally structured appraisal and consignment in what is a highly specialized and complex category.
Whether preparing your own plan for the future of your collection or acting as the executor for a collection needing services in the very near future, we are at the ready to assist with all the details.
For more information on estate and trust services at Theriault's, you may call 1-410-224-3655 or email us at
With Theriault's long history of working with museums, we can provide high quality professional services specific to the needs of museum collections whether private or public.
Providing valuation, compatible inventory services, detailed sales strategies to our 100,000 name client base, competitive commission rates, as well as acquisition services, Theriault's is able to work with museum collections worldwide in either a large scale sale or smaller deaccessions. 
Our relationship has extended to such prestigious names as The Lego Foundation, The Cleveland Museum of Art, The Strong Museum of Play, and The Davos Toy Museum of Davos Switzerland as just a few examples.  
Understanding the particular needs of each museum, Theriault’s will personally structure our services to fit those requirements.  
For information on consignment or deaccessions for museums, you may call 1-410-224-3655 or email us at