Small German Paper Mache Doll with Flirty Glass Eyes

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16" (42 cm.) Paper mache shoulder head with rounded facial shape,black sculpted hair in center-part with Òwing" curls above the modeled ears and finger curls at back of head,black glass Òflirty" eyes,painted upper lashes and brows,accented nostrils,closed mouth,muslin stitch-jointed body,leather arms,wearing early muslin print dress with high yoke,full sleeves,undergarments,red kid slippers. Condition: very good,some possible long-ago retouch. Comments: Germany,circa 1865. Value Points: dear small model with unusual coiffure,well-functioning flirty eyes,early body and costume.
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Vintage Barbie - The Thomas Romanotto Collection - Auction, March 12-13, 2022