Sonneberg Musical Handwind Toy Attributed to Zinner and Sohne

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10" (25 cm.) l. 11" overall h. Seated on a bench at the back of a wooden platform with lithographed paper cover are two small bisque-head dolls, each with blue glass eyes, painted features, open mouth, blonde mohair wig, paper mache arms and legs, painted shoes and stockings, wearing rose cotton jester costumes with lace trim; one holding a string of bells, and the other playing with two little bisque dolls, of which one is bouncing up and down on her foot. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: 192 6/0 (dolls). Comments: Zinner and Sohne, circa 1890, when wound, music plays, their heads turn side to side, one dangles the bell, and the other moves her leg as though bouncing the baby. Value Points: charming vignette with original costumes, delightful actions.
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