Sonneberg Paper Mache Taufling Baby

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21" (53 cm.) Solid domed paper mache head with flat-cut neck socket on matching paper mache shoulder plate with dowel jointing,delicately painted black curls,black enamel inset eyes,closed mouth,cotton upper arms,midriff,and upper legs,crier mechanism in torso,composition lower torso and lower limbs,loosely jointed wrists and ankles to simulate posture of newborn babe,with beautiful antique gown and undergarments. Condition: very good,original finish,typical rubs on face,flakes at edges of wrists and ankles. Comments: taufling baby,circa 1855,inspired by the Japanese Ichimatsu doll shown at the London world exposition of 1850. Value Points: important milestone doll with original body and working crier,great expression,original painting includes white finger and toenails.
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