Spanish Carved Wooden Figure with Articulated Wooden Body

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20" (51 cm.) Carved wooden head depicting adult man,one-piece head,torso and thighs,deeply- sculpted brown wavy hair brushed behind his sculpted ears,deeply-sculpted beard and moustache,brown glass enamel downcast eyes,dark eyeliner,feathered brows,closed mouth with defined teeth,separately-carved fingers,defined toes with painted sandal straps,the torso,legs and arms (except hands and feet) are painted original blue,linen toga. Condition: generally excellent,some finger retouch. Comments: Spanish,early 19th century,the doll is shown in the article "Faith-Based Dolls" by Lynda Christian with the notation "the gaze...is cast downward to display its reverence". Value Points: superb portraiture of the hair and face with original fine finish
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