Stunningly Beautiful Composition Portrait "June Bride" with Lavish Costume

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21" (53 cm.) All composition with socket head, blue sleep eyes, painted blue eyelids, blue/grey eyeshadow, real lashes, three painted thick eyelashes at each outer eye, thick brows, closed mouth with very full lips, blonde mohair wig in soft curls, jointing at shoulders and hips, slender torso and limbs. She is wearing white organdy bridal gown with elaborately draped full-length skirt, heart-shaped bodice with padded bosom, sheer yoke and long sleeves, shoulder bretelles, applied skirt flounces with centered white flowers, splendid tiered veil and train, white silk rose coronet, garland bouquet of white roses and lilies"diamond" ring, three-strands of pearls, organdy undergown, petticoat and panties, hip-high stockings, ivory shoes with silk ties; the gown is fitted with original zipper back. The panties and slip are tagged "Madame Alexander New York USA". Near mint condition. Madame Alexander, an extremely rare doll from her early portrait series, the model was presented as "June Bride", 1946; this example is in extraordinary fresh and original condition.
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