Superb and Very Rare Early 19th Century Wooden Doll with Shapely Legs and Hands

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17" (43 cm.) One-piece wooden head and torso with perfectly-egg-shaped head ending in small pointy chin,resting upon a strong elongated throat with defined throat hollow,modeled bosom with carved definition of bodice edge,painted midnight-brown hair smoothly over the head with wispy tendrils of curls all around the forehead,sculpted ears,painted brown eyes,sculpted definition of eye lids,aquiline nose,closed mouth,dowel-jointing at the shoulders,elbows,hips and knees,beautifully-shaped hands,shapely calves with tiny ankles and slender feet,painted shoes,wearing a fine early high-waist dress. Condition: original finish is beautifully-preserved excepting rub on nose and chin. Comments: Continental,probably Obergammergau,early 19th century,Value Points: an especially rare early wooden doll,with compelling presence,original painted finish of face and hair,superb body. The doll has a blue ribbon award from 2008 UFDC national convention,and was featured in an article "Faith-Based Dolls" in Antique Doll Collector,December 2008.
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