Superb Composition "Victoria" from Portrait Series, 1946

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21" (53 cm.) All composition with socket head, blue sleep eyes, real lashes, smokey-grey eyeshadow, three painted lashes at each outer eye corner, bow-shaped dark red lips, ash-blonde mohair wig with side braids framing her face and looping up into a coiled chignon at the crown that is wrapped with a metallic tiara accented with "rubies" and pearls. Wearing ivory brocade robe over lace underdress which forms a front center panel, with lace collar studded with seed pearls and tiny beads resting on gilt stars, burgundy velvet banner with "ruby" brooch, petticoat, pantalets, stockings, ivory silk faille shoes, and with finger ring, bead bracelets, pearl dangle earrings and pearl necklace. The undergarments are tagged "Madame Alexander". Near mint. Madame Alexander, the doll has been preserved in remarkable flawless condition with glowing complexion and dramatic hand-painted features, perfectly-preserved costume and coiffure. 1946 Victoria from the portrait series of that year. An earlier version of the doll was issued in 1939 as "Princess Flavia".
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