Superb Early Grodnertal All-Wooden Articulated Doll with Carved Coronet

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21" (53 cm.) Having one-piece carved head and torso with heart-shaped face,elongated throat and modeled bosom,the lady has painted facial features over gesso,and sculpted and painted hair that features a bevy of dainty ringlet curls onto her forehead and behind her sculpted ears,with a sculpted high decorative comb or coronet at her crown,painted brown outlined eyes with defined fringed lashes,painted brows,accented nostrils,closed mouth with tiny pursed lips,blushed cheeks,pierced ear holes below the lobes,very long slender arms and legs with ball and socket joints secured by a peg,mitten hands with fingers scored in the wood,and painted stockings and shoes. Condition: fine original finish with some typical craquelure,body sturdy and well-preserved. Comments: Grodnertal doll,very early 19th century,with stylized body with high-waisted costumes of the 1820 era. Value Points: rare large luxury model with superb detail of sculpted and painted hair,original finish and articulated body,and wearing her original costume. The doll bears four blue ribbons from UFDC conventions.
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