Superb French Bisque Automaton"Lady Flower Seller with Cart" by Vichy

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17" (43 cm.) A bisque-head lady with brown glass eyes,painted lashes and lightly-feathered brows,accented nostrils,closed mouth with outlined lips,ears pierced into head,blonde mohair wig over cork pate,carton torso,metal-hinged upper legs,paper mache lower legs,metal hands. Wearing her fine early costume,comprising rose woolen dress with silk and lace trim,moss-green taffeta over skirt,black silk lace-edged apron,straw bonnet"a deux bonjours",striped stockings,silk shoes,she carries a basket of flowers on her back,and stands behind a metal cart with spoked wheels that support a large basket of fabric flowers. When wound,the lady walks forward,turning her head side to side,lifting her right hand in greeting,as though offering her flowers. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: attributed to Vichy,circa 1865. Value Points: enchanting early automaton featuring very beautiful lady; the model is rarely found in this larger size.
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