Superb German Porcelain Lady Doll by Dressel and Kister

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20" (51 cm.) Porcelain shoulder head of adult lady,her head turned to the side and cast downward,having sculpted hair in shaded light brown color with captured topknot and flowing curls at the forehead,fully-sculpted ears,aquiline nose with accented nostrils,painted brown down-glancing eyes,encircling eye liner in shades of black,brown and red,closed mouth with tiny defined teeth between the lips,slightly-modeled bosom,muslin stitch-jointed body,glazed bisque lower legs with painted ankle boots,porcelain lower arms with elegantly- posed fingers,fine antique silk and lace gown. Condition: generally excellent,two thumb tips chipped. Marks: (D&K blue stamp inside the shoulder plate). Comments: Dressel and Kister,circa 1900. Value Points: very rare doll especially in this larger size,with superb detail of sculpting and painting.
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