Superb Neopolitan Man in Large Size with Superb Sculpting

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19" (48 cm.) His terra cotta head is turned sharply to the right,gazing into the distance,with exceptional detail of profile and facial planes,enamel eyes,incised age wrinkles,strong nose and chin,with sculpted long side-burns in front of each detailed ear,and bald pate above deeply-sculpted nape curls. There is a sculpted wart at his cheek,and a hole at the side of his mouth for the stem of the long pipe he is holding. His face is painted a shaded rosy color and beard stubble is evident on his cheeks and chin. The body is hemp-wrapped with terra cotta lower hands and legs,the fingers being very expressively posed. The man wearing his original silk costume with an elaborately gilt-thread trimmed jacket. Condition: original finish beautifully preserved,two fingers missing,two other fingers repaired. Comments: Neopolitan,early 19th century,the servant figure presents a fascinating melange,wearing his master's fine livery along with his own old mended stocking cap and stockings,his handsome face with intelligent-seeming eyes worn with age and worry. Value Points: the large model has superbly sculpted and preserved features with great expression.
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