Swiss Disc Music Box "Stella Orchestral Grand" by Mermod Freres

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78" (198 cm.) h. x 36"w. x 20"d. Having original deep red mahogany finish wooden case with lockable double door front and viewing glass, the mechanism has a very large ornate cast iron bedplate and massive double combs, designed to project a very loud and resonant sound quality, and uses the grand 25 11/16" diameter music disc. It also has the Mermod Freres patented projection-less design enabling the discs to easily slide in and out of the storage area in the lower portion of the upright cabinet. Included is the original winding crank and 12 excellent original music discs. Excellent overall condition, original finish on cabinet albeit lacking top pediment, original condition of mechanism. Swiss, Mermod Freres of Ste-Croix, circa 1900, their Orchestral Grand model was their largest and musically most impressive music box with a bold strong sound. A coin-operated model it was originally intended to entertain the public in a fine hotel lobby, soda fountain, or arcade.
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