TeddyÕs Adventures in Africa by Schoenhut

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8" Teddy. An extensive group of wooden figures and accessories from the 1909 set include: Teddy Roosevelt with painted monocle and characteristic moustache,painted brown stockings and boots,wooden yellow hat,wearing twill suit with ammunition belt,knife,gun and ammunition box; Kermit the Photographer with smiling expression,brown painted stockings and shoes,wooden yellow hat,wearing twill suit with ammunition belt,box and gun,and carrying wooden camera on leather straps; African Drummer with original costume; two African natives with flocked hair (one with smaller eyes and painted teeth) and short pants with printed sash; and one African native with topknot and variant patterned sash. Other accessories not listed above include: folding tent,American Flag,drum and drumsticks,three swords,and folding table. Each of the figures has two-part mold face,original costume,and superb vibrant painting and varnish. Schoenhut,circa 1909.
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