Three Chinese Door of Hope Dolls including Baby

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11" (28 cm.) Depicted is woman carrying 5" child on her back,and a man,each with carved wooden head having well-defined features with tinted highlights of hair,brows and lips,cloth body with carved wooden hands. Condition: generally excellent,slight fading of costumes. Comments: Chinese Door of Hope missionary ship,circa 1920. Value Points: The woman has carved black hair in chignon under fitted cap,and wears a simple lavender cotton tunic and pants with undergarments; a young child or baby is carried by string-tied knapsack on her back,and is wearing a print cotton dress with embroidered bib,silk slippers and fringed cap. The man wears grey long gown over leggings with black vest having frog closures,black cap. An original paper label attached to baby reads "made in China". Value Points: captivating expressions on their hopeful serene faces,the child being quite rare.
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