Three Sets of Early American Blocks by Hill & Son in Original Boxes

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Including 6" x 6" wooden box with sliding lid having lithographed lid depicting Florence and Charles setting up the blocks so as to spell each other's name,with complete set of ABC blocks inside,6" x 6" book-shaped box with the adage on inside lid "Children learn best when the hands assist the head" and set of blocks (B,C,and E missing,and lid hinge broken); and 9" x 11" blocks in wooden box with lithographed Egyptian lid design and 30 interior square blocks with five-sided letters and one-side lithograph image of commonly-used words of the mid-19th century such as omnibus,smith,grindstone,ice cart and such. Each of the boxes indicates S.L. Hill & Son as the maker,mid-19th century. Fair to very good condition. Rare American toys in their original boxes.
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