Tosca-Haired Cissette Bride with Sequin Coronet, Original Box, 1961

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10" (25 cm.) Gleaming tosca hair with curly bangs and flip curls, lady style body. Wearing white tulle long-sleeved gown with dart-fitted bodice and very full skirt over organdy under-skirt, panties, stockings, garter, silver sling heels, pearl earrings, solitaire, and having a coronet of woven pearlized sequins that match trim on the gown neckline, tulle veil, and bridal bouquet of white flowers. The costume is labeled "Cissette, Madame Alexander". Near mint condition, very beautiful complexion and coiffure, crisp and fresh costume. Alexander, model 840, original wrist tag and original box labeled "840", 1961.
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