A Trio of German Bisque Miniature Kewpies

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3" (8 cm.) -6" Including all-bisque Kewpie with unusual pose of down-tilted head, blue glass sleep eyes, closed mouth with beaming smile, blonde mohair wig on cut pate, loop-jointed arms (repair to right arm stringing loop), incised 96 on head and torso, with red heart paper "Kewpie" label on front torso and original paper label on back torso. Along with two Kewpie cloth-bodied dolls, one as shoulderhead incised Germany 1387, and the other with flanged neck, each with newer cloth body, bisque hands, antique baby gown. Condition: generally excellent, but as noted. Comments: Germany, circa 1915, from original designs by Rose O'Neill. Value Points: rare variations of the classic Kewpie, especially glass-eyed wigged model.
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