Two Early Rare Tinplate Mechanical Musical Clown Toys

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8 1/2" (22 cm.) w. 8".h. The amusing pair of mechanical clown toys depict mischievous antics,each on identically-styled tinplate stage with pierced holes for emanation of musical sound,and with hidden wind-up mechanism below. One depicts a clown with trombone riding on the back of another clown who has cymbals attached to the toes of his clown shoes,and the other depicts a fiddle-playing clown on a chair seated alongside a clown on a barrel. When wound,they each perform amusing actions while tinkling music plays. A bellows action allows the trombone clown and the barrel clown to bounce up and down,for example. Condition: the finish is completely original,albeit well worn,mechanism and music function well on both. Comments: circa,1890. Value Points: the rarity of the two early toys is rivaled only by their charming actions,music,and unusual complicated mechanisms.
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