Two New Services Have Arrived at Theriault's

Welcome to DollDash, your personal doll delivery service, and DollGallery, your new in-person opportunity to view dolls coming to auction in our Annapolis, MD studio.

DollDash is a new convenient way for those who reside within a 100-mile radius of our Annapolis, MD headquarters to receive home or office delivery of their purchases. With no additional charges other than the standard shipping and handling you would normally pay, one of our friendly team members will quickly whisk your dolls straight to your front door shortly after we receive payment. It’s that easy! No more waiting for shipments -and it’s fast and all handled personally by one of our full-time Theriault staff. (Of course, collectors are still also welcome to use curbside pickup from our offices if they prefer.)

DollGallery is our new official in-person preview opportunity for collectors. Just call our toll-free number and arrange a safe and private viewing of specific dolls coming up for sale at our Annapolis, MD headquarters. You will be assured a private setting with one of our staff members to view whichever dolls you are interested in. This service is available to all collectors on Monday-Friday during normal business hours 9AM-5PM Eastern. (Please note that no more than two people are allowed in each party and strict masking must be adhered to at all times.)

Two more ways that Theriault’s is working to make the fun of collecting even easier!

Please Note: (DollDash is available on any single or cumulative purchases of $5K or greater. You may combine auctions to reach that amount. Should you reside further than the 100 mile radius you may arrange for delivery to an agreed upon meeting place within that distance. Theriault’s can not guarantee specific days or timeframes. Should you decide the delivery time is not compatible we will ship the items as is normal.)

For more information call 410-224-3655 or email info@theriaults.com.