Very Beautiful French Bisque Bebe by Leon Casimir Bru,Size 9

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25" (64 cm.) Pressed bisque swivel head on kid-edged bisque shoulder plate with modeled bosom and shoulder blades,very deep blue glass paperweight inset eyes,thick dark eyeliner,painted dark curly lashes,rose-blushed eye shadow,brush-stroked and multi-feathered brows,accented nostrils and eye corners,closed mouth with defined space between the shaded and outlined lips,pierced ears,dimpled chin,brunette mohair wig over cork pate,French kid bebe body with Chevrot-hinged hips,wooden lower legs,kid-over-wooden upper arms,bisque forearms. Condition: generally excellent,body very sturdy,bisque hands perfect. Marks: Bru No. 9 (shoulder plate) Bebe Bru... (original paper label on torso). Comments: Leon Casimir Bru,Chevrot epoch,circa 1885. Value Points: very beautiful classic Bru bebe with deeply-sculpted features,dramatic blue eyes,finest quality bisque,original body and body finish,lovely antique lace dress,lace and silk bonnet,undergarments,leather shoes.
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