Very Fine German Porcelain Bathing Doll with Original Costume

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14" (36 cm.) One-piece pink tinted porcelain figure of young child in standing pose with legs modeled apart,hands in loosely folded fists,shaded blonde/brown hair with brush-strokes around the forehead,painted bright blue eyes with black pupils and outline,black eyeliner,red upper eyeliner,feathered brows,closed mouth with outlined lips,unusual body mold with shapely torso,slender ankles with realistically shaped feet,defined body details of fingers,toes and dimples. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany,circa 1875. Value Points: very unusual "Frozen Charlotte" model whose rarities include pink tinting of entire body,unusual hair painting,unusual half-folded fists,very fine painting of features,and including its original costume comprising bonnet,flannel gown,undergarments. Ex-Carole Jean Zvonar Collection from which it was acquired by Barbara Poppenheimer.
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