Very Rare American Cloth Portrait Doll of Gentleman by Martha Chase

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14" (36 cm.) All cloth doll with pressed and oil-painted facial features, complexion and hair, depicting an adult gentleman having pronounced nose, stitched ears, brown impasto-painted side-parted hair with curls onto the side of face, brown eyes, red upper eyeliner, painted curly upper lashes, brown fringed brows, closed mouth with triangular-shaped lips, slender body with cotton sateen body cover, oil-painted stitch-jointed arms and legs, separate thumbs and defined fingers of cupped hands, antique sportsman costume. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: The Chase Stockinet Doll (label on back torso). Comments: Martha Chase of Rhode Island, circa 1890, from a rare series of adult gentleman and ladies made by the firm; the doll may represent an unidentified story book character. Value Points: perfectly-preserved and very rare model with outstanding quality of painting, distinctive nose shape and unusual painting of hair, perfectly depicting a young gentleman.
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