Very Rare American Wooden Character Doll, "The Stetson Hat Man" by Schoenhut

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21" (53 cm.) All-wooden doll depicting an adult man of strong presence, socket head with unique carved facial features, narrowed eyes, strong nose and jaw and cheek bones, sculpted ears, and painted brown hair in stylized gentleman manner, wooden spring-jointed body, wearing antique gentleman's formal woolen suit, leather shoes. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: Schoenhut (oval sticker). Comments: Schoenhut, Philadelphia, circa 1917, the doll is picture in the book, Schoenhut Dolls, by Carol Corson, page 187, named The Stetson Hat Man. Corson describes the origin of the doll as a special production for John B. Stetson, head of that hat company and a family friend of the Schoenhut's; according to Schoenhut oral history the doll was used by Stetson as a display piece and in his company advertising. Value Points: very rare one-of-a-kind portrait doll by Schoenhut with fascinating provenance.
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