Very Rare and Artistic Early Carved Wooden Articulated Lady with Provenance

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18" (46 cm.) An elegant woman, having head, torso and skirt carved from a single piece of fine wood, dowel-jointed shoulders, elbows, and wrists with over-sized hands and separately sculpted fingers, very shapely torso with defined edges of gown and folds of skirt, flattened bosom, defined tiny waist. Slender-shaped face with elongated strong throat, exquisite detail of facial sculpting and ears, painted complexion and facial features, painted green gown. Condition: structurally excellent except one baby finger missing, excellent original finish on facial features and lower face, light over-paint on forehead, original finish of gown albeit scrubbed to pleasing patina, indications of original wig that is lacking. Comments: ex-collections Estrid Faurholt and Legoland Museum, described by Faurhold as "extraordinary", and believed by her to date from about 1580, although exact date of creation is uncertain. Value Points: an exceptional early wooden doll with compelling presence and remarkable degree of originality given her age.
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