Very Rare and Exquisite Poured Wax Portrait Doll of Princess Victoria by Pierotti

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15" (38 cm.) Poured wax shoulder head of adult woman with slender oval face turned slightly to the left,inset pale blue glass eyes of piercing intensity,aquiline nose,closed mouth with outlined pale lips,soft cheek blushing,brunette separately-inserted human hair in original upswept stylish coiffure of the era,softly-stuffed original cloth body,slender wax arms modeled bent at the elbow for holding a bouquet,wax lower legs. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: from the prestige Pierotti wax doll firm of London,circa 1900,the doll represents Princess Victoria,daughter of King Edward VII,likely at the time of his coronation in 1902,wearing her original extraordinary costume; this was the gown she likely wore to a formal ball or when receiving young debutantes; her position allowed her to have an extended train while the debutantes could not. Value Points: very rare doll in pristine condition,with exquisitely-beautiful face and complexion,original coiffure,rare arms,and wearing her original lavish silk satin dress with extended padded train in brocade ivory,trimmed with ivory silk ribbons and white ostrich feathers,undergarments,pearls,and carrying a silk floral bouquet.
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