Very Rare Composition "Antoinette" from Portrait Series in Splendid Original Costume

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21" (53 cm.) All composition with socket head, blue sleep eyes, real lashes, three painted lashes at outer corner of each eye, painted blue/grey eyelids and eyeshadow, closed mouth, two beauty marks, white mohair wig in very elaborate upswept curls with applied flowers and bow, attached earrings, slender slightly-shaped torso, jointing at shoulders and hips, elongated legs. The doll is wearing outstanding original costume in the 18th century style comprising rose silk faille gown (zipper back) with inset bosom, heart-shaped bodice with gilt metallic edging, ruffled lace sous-sleeves, rose cotton underskirt with ruffled lace edging, constructed panniers, and rich overall decorations of gilt metallic rick-rack, bows, silk flowers and leaves, pantalets with cutwork ruffles, white stockings, pink bow-front shoes. Excellent condition. Madame Alexander, 1946, from her Portrait Series of that year, the doll was presented as Antoinette, intended to represent Marie Antoinette of the 18th century royal court, and is notable not only her splendidly-detailed costume but also for unique coiffure and special hand-painted facial features; with original clover-leaf wrist tag.
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