Very Rare Composition "Carmen" Portrait Lady, Hand-Painted Features, Beauty Mark

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21" (53 cm.) All composition with socket head, brown sleep eyes, slate-grey eyelids and eyeshadow, strong brows, real lashes, three painted side lashes at each eye, star-shaped beauty mark, closed mouth with rich red lips, brunette mohair wig with elaborately arranged braided coronet and attached flowers, jointing at shoulders and hips. She is wearing a zipper-back black satin gown with lace inserts which is decorated with a garland of rose petals and velvet streamers which cascade down the skirt, elaborate headdress of sequin paillettes, extravagant lace mantilla, petticoat, panties, red shoes with silk ties, earrings and bangle earrings. Excellent condition of both doll and costume, slight fading of flowers. Madame Alexander, 1946, the doll was inspired by the 1875 opera "Carmen", by George Bizet which was enjoying a worldwide revival during the 1940s.
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