Very Rare Early German Paper Mache Glass Eyed Lady in Grand Size

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31" (79 cm.) Paper mache shoulder head with slender oval-shaped face and elongated throat,black sculpted comb-marked hair waved away from face,with fullness at sides of head,and into a coiled narrow braid at the back of the head centered by a sculpted decorative comb,black glass inset eyes with delicately painted upper and lower lashes,tinted brows,accented nostrils of long nose with softly rounded tip,closed mouth with accent line between the lips,slender kid ÒmillinerÕs model" style body with wooden lower limbs,painted flat red shoes,beautiful antique gown and undergarments. Condition: generally excellent,possible long-ago retouch on shoulder plate. Comments: Germany,circa 1840. Value Points: stunningly beautiful early doll with rare coiffure,glass eyes,lustrous patina,grand size.
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