Very Rare Early Lenci Lady Doll with Elaborate Costume and Rare Painted Teeth

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29" (74 cm.) Felt swivel head with oval-shaped face and strong elongated throat,posed leaning and looking sideways,painted facial features,brown side-glancing eyes,painted black curly lashes,black painted brows,closed mouth with painted row of teeth,black mohair wig combed away from face with a widow's peak and braided chignon decorated with a brilliant array of felt flowers and two gaily-painted decorative hair combs,very slender elongated body with jointing at shoulders and hips,stitch-jointed knees,modeled bent elbows designed to hold wooden guitar. Condition: generally excellent,some typical light fading,blouse a tad dusty. Comments: Lenci,circa 1925,the Spanish dancer was a popular theme in various models of Lenci dolls for a number of years. Value Points: very rare model with extraordinary costume highlighted with brilliant applique and embroidery details,silk pom-pom-ball shawl,embroidered high felt boots and matching gloves,wooden guitar with decorative painting to match her comb,and rare painted teeth.
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