Very Rare French Automaton "Chinese Opium Smoker" by Gustav Vichy

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30" (76 cm.) Amber tinted paper mache head depicting a Chinese man, with brown glass eyes, artistically-painted facial features, hinged mouth, double row of teeth, black human hair moustache, brows and long queue, paper mache body in posed stance on velvet covered flat base, expressively sculpted and poised fingers. He holds an opium pipe in his right hand, and a cane in his left. When wound, his head nods and turns left to right, while his right arm raises his pipe to his mouth, his mouth opens as though inhaling, and his eyes blink open and closed. Condition: generally excellent, professional retouch to face, mechanism functions well except left arm with cane does not move. Comments: Gustav Vichy, circa 1880. Value Points: artistically modeled strong facial features, original wig, brows and moustache, and wearing very fine antique silk costume with elaborate embroidery.
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