A Very Rare French Bisque Wooden-Bodied Bebe by Ad

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The dreamy eyed Bebe has pressed bisque socket head with bulbous neck socket and rounded facial modelling, pale bisque complexion, painted eyes with shaded outline, heavily modelled eyelids which lend a dreamy look, painted upper eyeliner, painted all-around lashes, feathered arched brows, accented nostrils and eye corners, closed mouth with shaded and accented lips, shaped double chin, pierced ears, blonde fleecy wig over cork pate, all wooden body with eight-wooden-ball- joints, swivel wrists. The doll wears antique costume comprising sheer muslin dress with lace trim, silk ribbons, undergarments, lace-trimmed blue silk bonnet, stockings, leather shoes. The bebe was presented by Adelaide Huret, circa 1880. Unmarked. 12" (30 cm).
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