Very Rare French"Ombrella Folie" by Germain Lombart

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19" (48 cm.) An ebony-wooden handled eight-tined parasol with rose silk and lace cover has an unusual tip,comprising the upper torso and bisque head of a poupee with blue glass enamel eyes,closed mouth,pierced ears,blonde mohair wig,wire-frame arms and bisque hands. The poupee is costumed in lace to match the parasol which forms the doll's skirt,and there is a blue silk pleated fan attached to each sleeve; when a hidden button at the handle is pushed,the doll raises and lowers her arms,revealing the blue silk fans. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: the"Ombrella Folie" was deposed by Germain Lombart in 1874,as a luxury"nouveautes" of the era; the patent design and a history of the firm are in The Encyclopedia of French Dolls by Theimer,page 373. Value Points: the imaginatively-designed and intricate luxury favor is very rare to find,especially with the added"fan" detail,and in fine state of presentation.
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