Very Rare German All-Bisque "Mildred, The Prize Baby" with Original Label

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6 1/2" (17 cm.) Solid domed bisque head with flanged swivel neck, painted brown baby hair, blue glass sleep eyes, dark eyeliner, painted lashes, lightly tinted brows, closed mouth with slightly-smiling expression, loop-jointed bisque arms and legs in bent-limb baby pose, painted white socks and blue shoes. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: copr. by Mildred/The Prize Baby Germany 880-17 (torso) 881-17 (legs) 17 (arms) (and original paper label on torso). Comments: Germany, commissioned by Borgfeldt of New York for his line of Prize Baby all-bisque dolls, circa 1925; the name "Mildred' references the designing artist who is unknown at this time. Value Points: few examples of the model exist, this with all-original parts, excellent quality of bisque and painting, original "Mildred" paper label.
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