Very Rare German Bisque Art Character, F.P. by Swaine & Co with Superb Expression

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22" (56 cm.) Bisque socket head, deeply-defined intaglio-sculpted upper-glancing blue eyes, dark upper eyeliner, short-stroke brows, rounded nose, closed mouth with slightly-pouting expression, richly glazed lips, blonde mohair wig, composition and wooden ball-jointed body. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: F.P. 8. Comments: Swaine & Co, circa 1910 when the firm's art character dolls were introduced at the Leipzig Fair; this F.P. labeled model is virtually unknown. Value Points: the rarity of the doll is further enhanced by superbly-sculpted features, outstanding painting of complexion and features, original wig, body, body finish, factory original chemise and shoes, and with antique dress.
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