Very Rare German Bisque Art Character by Marseille with Intaglio Painted Eyes

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19" (48 cm.) Bisque socket head depicting a slightly-older child, deeply-intaglio painted blue eyes with large black pupils and white upper eye dots, black and incised eyeliner, short feathered brows, accented nostrils and eye corners, closed mouth with shaded and accented lips, impressed dimples at lip corners and cheeks, brunette mohair wig, composition and wooden ball-jointed body, wearing antique cotton school dress, undergarments, socks and leather shoes. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: Germany A 5 M. Comments: Marseille, from their series of rare art character dolls, circa 1910. Value Points: superb artistry of the model is exemplified by the notion that the child is smiling although the lips are perfectly solemn; the expression is achieved through the impressed dimples and the painting of the eyes; finest quality of bisque and painting on the extremely rare model in wonderful large size.
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