Very Rare German Porcelain Half-Doll with Mystery Provenance

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5" (13 cm.) Waist-up porcelain nude woman with white/grey sculpted hair in dainty curls around the sides of her face and forming into curls onto her shoulders, the hair decorated with a jeweled head piece in tiny blue, red and gilt stones, which are repeated in her sculpted earrings and elaborate necklace, with extended arms and delicately curled fingers. Marks: 10793. Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1910, the distinctive portrait and her unique jewelry and headpiece accessories suggest two possible inspirations, viz. Queen Maria Carolina of Naples or the beloved Prussian Queen Elisabeth, wife of King Wilhelm, each of whom were captured in paintings of their time, usually with similar head piece or jewelry, whitened hair, and slightly-older slender face with plump chin of which this half-doll bears an uncanny resemblance.
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